Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Type: Modern!AU
Rating: Teen+
Word count: ~6K

SummaryOn a (possibly, most probably ill-advised) bet with Gwaine during their class trip to Quebec City, Arthur meets French-speaking Merlin. It shouldn’t be a problem since he’s first in his Conversational French class and all. Okay, maybe it’s a bit more complicated in the end, and he should probably have known that (like he should have known to not leave his gay porn on his laptop that one time, or that apparently he has a thing for slightly cocky boys with huge eyes and high cheekbones). But hey, as long as there’s some kind of kissing happening before the end of the day he won’t complain too much. And yeah, maybe he’s never done this before, but he’s not nervous. Nope. Not one bit.

Note: It’s my anglophone!Arthur, francophone!Merlin fic that was first written for the ‘Oh Canada’ Comment fest on LJ. I reworked it and made it longer (and better) and so I’ve posted it on AO3. Thank you to anyone who reads!

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    this fic is really good, and honestly it makes me ridiculously nostalgic. i remember being 17, from southern ontario and...
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  11. rustycol said: So cute! Your fic makes me want to brush up on my (nearly non-existent) French. I’ve been to France once and was definitely more hopeless than Arthur.
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