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Somehow, I feel terrible for admitting that TSP is definitely one of my favorites. I've read many fic with the same trope/setting and it hasn't been the same even tho I never go in comparing. Have you ever read any in the same royalty!au setting that you've liked?

haha don’t feel terrible! The Student Prince is a beloved fic in the fandom. I like it quite a lot myself (though it’s not one of my very most favourite). I love modern royalty AUs (in all fandoms. I’ve even written one myself! Well… sorta kinda lol).

Some of my favs in the Merlin fandom:

check out this list.

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oh i know i dont have to read it. its more that i WANT to but i dont know if my heart can take it hhahdfjhsad. I’M SUCH A BABY WHEN IT COMES TO FIC THO. but okay it makes me feel better that you still loved it despite the ANGST.
and i dont even know what “good news” “onfindan” and “truth is a whisper” are?!
Well, maybe try it when you fee a bit adventurous :D

They’re fics I sort of consider ‘classics’—or at least older fics I’ve seen recced a lot, or have been recced to me a lot.

Good News (is on the way), by derryere
Onfindan, by astolat
Truth Is a Whisper, by seperis

Like I said, I haven’t read them, but… *shrugs* maybe one day!

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see thats the thing i keep hearing about this fic, that it’s really and intense and I’M fragile too. LIKE TRULY AND REALLY. i need the fics i read to end happily hdshfdshjds. but im also so curious cause i love derryere!

Well, I need my fics to end happily too—or at least on the way to happiness (I do like open endings as long as there is hope). So that should tell you something :P

It’s a bit of a wreck on your heart getting there though. BUT. I’m not a huge fan of angst. I very rarely read it. And by that I mean angsty fics—in subject matter and tone and themes—not just something that contains angsty parts, if you know what I mean. And I would def call this fic angsty, but I still loved it. So that should tell you something too.

But I mean, you’re not required to read it? I mean, you don’t want to, you don’t want to. You’ll read other great stories :P

I haven’t read Loaded March completely, or Good News, or Onfindan, or Truth Is a Whisper, or The Tournament of All Magicks, or Seven Magpies, or… you get the point. I’m not losing sleep over it. I’ll get to them or I won’t and that’ll be juuuust fiiiiine haha.

merlinfied said:
Sometimes I think "classic" just means "really long fic" >> But you're right, just read whatever you like is a good plan. Back to the Spanish Inquisition, Is there anything in fics, while reading, that you read that stresses you out? Or gives you anxiety or makes your heart feel throbby? I get like that with recreational drug use [for legit, personal reasons not just prudishness] and, stupidly enough, at lack of communication. Major, /major/ stress-er when people don't communicate properly.

For me ‘classic’ means 1) is very popular and liked and recced a lot for a long time and/or 2) has set a standard of some kind in the fandom—in terms of plot or characterization etc. and/or 3) was the first or one of the first to introduced a particular trope or narrative that then became popular.

For example The Student Prince definitely fits 1) and 3) (not sure about 2). It is extremely popular and liked and recced a lot, but also was one of the first to do the modern royalty!AU to that level of popularity PARTICULARLY in a university context (which was later done by other authors—not as well, or as well, or even better depending on your personal tastes).

That said, I kinda hate the concept of ‘classics’ and I hate having to make lists of them.

Weirdly enough, school and punctuality stuff can make me feel very stressed out/anxious. For example, in Accidental Memory, Arthur misses or leaves in the middle of an exam in university (can’t remember exactly) and I realised only several thousand words later how anxious I felt and why: part of my brain was all like OMG BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR EXAAAAAMMMM WHAT ABOUT YOUR GRAAAADDDEEEE. Which is, frankly, absolutely ridiculous, lbh. I hadn’t realised that was such a stressor for me (guess it was at school too). I mean, I’ve been out of school for a bit more than 7 years and I still have stress dreams about going to class and realising there’s an exam I haven’t studied for. Either that, or I have have stress dreams about needing to be somewhere and never being able to get there. I get very stressed about being on time in RL so I guess that can translate in my reading experience as well. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen much in fics :D

I feel you on the communication thing, but for me that’s not a stresser, it’s just VERY annoying at times. I kinda like the misunderstanding trope in theory, but it’s so easy to go overboard and make it feel contrived and OTT and I really hate that. So it depends. I generally get angrier and stressed like OMG JUST FUCKING TELL HIM STOP THINKING YOU KNOW WHAT HE THINKS AND STOP DRAWING FALSE CONCLUSIONS FOR ACTIONS AND WORDS YOU HAVE NO CONTEXT FOR *flips table*

I really love it, but found it very difficult to read in the sense that it was very intense. It’s heavy, both in the story content and in prose, but also beautifully crafted and layered and different. One of the saddest part I’ve ever read in the fandom (for me) is in this fic.

I read fluff in between reading it and it helped. Like I’d read a few thousand words and then take a break and read short one-shots and pwps or whatever. And then toward the 2/3 mark I didn’t stop because I was liking it so much, but… idk it definitely drained me. Which isn’t a bad thing! I’m just fragile :P

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Huh, I've actually read basically all the ones you mentioned x) I'm asking because, and this may be me complaining a little [forgive me], I have a list of fics I'm reading and right now I'm getting to the ~longer~ ones [70k+] and part of me wants to read them but another part of me really finds them tedious -- especially the ones that are 90k+. They're supposedly "fandom classics" so it feels like I'm missing out on something if I don't? You seem to have more a backbone than I OTL

Lol. So many ‘fandom classics’ (ugh hate that expression but you know what I mean) or otherwise I haven’t read because OMG NO TOO LONG. Tbh, right now anything over 60K feels like a huge drag and I’m probably not going to read it and that’s me reading fics in a new fandom. For Merlin? very VERY VERY unlikely I ever will read anything over 50K unless it’s written by a friend and/or a writer I REALLY love. 

I used to fee like I was missing out, but tbh? I don’t think so anymore. Not because I think the fics aren’t good (I’m sure they are), but because there are so many others I can read anyway. It’s not like I HAVE to read those fics, you know? It’s okay to not read everything, even those ‘classics’ people keep reccing and reading. I know people who have been in the fandom for years and haven’t read The Student Prince, for example. And that’s cool. I’m sure they don’t lose sleep over it :D

Read whatever you want. Don’t feel bad about it.

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Whoops, yeah, I meant *don't. But yeah, sometimes it all depends how a writer depicts their version of soul mates. And hey, you're feeling chatty, I'm feeling chatty so another question [if you don't mind]. I've also seen you mention [I'm sounding creepy - I'm not, swears D:] that you tend to stay away from reading uber long fic so I was just wondering, what are the longish fics that you have read? Merthur, in particular.

I DO NOT MIND AT ALL (this makes me rather happy tbh)

My attitude to long fics can probably be summarized thus:

  • 0K to 20K - will read without hesitation
  • 20 to 40K - will read w/o hesitation when I know I have a bit more time
  • 40K to 50K - will read if sound interesting/is written by author I like
  • 50K to 70K - this better have been written by someone I like, contain tropes I looooove and/or has been recced to me a lot, or by someone I trust
  • 70K to 100K - pretty rare even if it fills the requirements above. Only if I’m really in the mood. It’s a big IT DEPENDS.
  • 100K+ - So fucking rare it can almost not be called an exception. It’s an outlier. It better have been written by my BFF or something.

THAT SAID, this is my feelings NOW, but I did read way more longer fics when I got into the fandom and almost all my long fics recs are from that time. When I’m new to a fandom, I’m def more indulgent to long fics for some reason (probably because I’m so thirsty for ALL OF THE FICS). But also, the more I read fics, the pickier I become. The longer I’ve been in a fandom, the pickier I become.

Some recs:

check the fic length tags on dirtybookshelves to see all the (Merlin/Arthur) long fics I’ve recced before. This is just a sample of some of my favs. 


witch series - forest witches

you just might catch a glimpse of one running through the woods with reckless abandon, they breathe life into the trees and don’t mind when mulch and dirt ruin the hems of their skirts. they are as temperamental as thunder and can twist vines and branches around your limbs in an instant.


witch series - forest witches

you just might catch a glimpse of one running through the woods with reckless abandon, they breathe life into the trees and don’t mind when mulch and dirt ruin the hems of their skirts. they are as temperamental as thunder and can twist vines and branches around your limbs in an instant.
merlinfied said:
This is an oddball question, I think, but you mentioned before that you believe in the soul [err the existence of souls?] and I don't know if you have to believe in souls to believe in soul mates [don't think so but I don't know the logic behind all that]... ANYWAYS! Point is, does it bother you or anything when people write soul mates into fics?

NOT AN ODDBALL QUESTION! (and I think you mean that I DON’T really believe in souls—but yes, I mean… it’s not a strong conviction, but I just can’t really reconcile the idea of souls when I actually do not believe in a God etc. THAT SAID, I consider myself more agnostic than atheist, so I mean, I’m opened to the possibility that there’s something, just probably not what we think, if that makes sense. ANYWAY).

It doesn’t bother me AT ALL. I actually quite like it depending on how it’s done! (especially soulbonds, but soulmates as well, especially when you have a pairing like Merlin/Arthur). I see them more as… supernatural stories? Like, I don’t really believe in werewolves but I love werewolves stories. I don’t believe in God, but omg I will devour angel and demon AUs. They just all fall in the ‘mythology, folklore, and fairytale’ category for me and if you’ve been following me for a bit you’ll know that it’s so up my alley I practically live in it.

Usually my pickyness with soulmate AUs/stories has nothing to do with the concept of soulmates and everything to do with how cliché and cheesy they tend to be.

I mean, you kinda have to at least appreciate the concept/idea to enjoy reincarnation fics (not only of the soul itself, being reborn over and over, but of soulmates as well—two people who will find each other through time). It’s an amazing trope and narrative device that can be explored in many, many ways (sometimes just as this one special couple that keeps finding each other, sometimes as a whole universe where everyone has a soulmate/soulbond—the possibilities are varied and can be very interesting and different issues can be explored trough that as well—like the nature of choice, destiny, free-will, love, etc.)

Wow, I’m super chatty tonight :D